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I Hate Senior Sources 2

February 5, 2009

“BBC Hit By Backlash…” says the story.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it.

So how many people constitute a “backlash” these days?

Two it would seem. And both of them anonymous.

Mind you they do represent a “growing number of BBC staff”. There’s no indication of how fast their numbers are “growing”. Perhaps by the end of the day there’ll be three or four.

And as they don’t have the courage to be named, then it’s difficult to challenge a statement like this:

“Chris Moyles says some terrible things and he is allowed to get away with it and Jonathan Ross did and said what he did and he is back on air,”

Has Chris Moyles used the word “golliwog” on air? Has he used racially offensive language? I’d like to see some evidence. This quote could be simply translated as “I’m a radio presenter and I don’t like Chris Moyles”.

And Russell Brand was sacked and Jonathan Ross given a six month suspension. And not for racially offensive langauge either.

It is also a pity that the senior BBC figure defending the BBC also felt they could not be named. As my last post on this subject revealed this seems to be a long standing convention.

I wish it could be changed. Would it hurt if that person was named?

Anyway without any names this isn’t really a news story, as there is no news in it. In the sense that nothing has actually happened.

It’s really just people talking, giving their opinions. Not unlike this blog post from Jemima, which is also people talking (as nothing has been decided) and giving their (quite useful) opinions.

But at least in the comments there are some names (albeit sometimes silly ones) so you can start to make a judgement on who they are. And I’m named. And so is Jem.

A blog post which is more transparent than a news story?

Surely not!

Update 2 p.m. – nice to see Jay Hunt defending the BBC’s position on this in public.