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Weekend listening: “Hurricane Whatzername”

May 30, 2020

So have you ever had a song arrive in your head from nowhere?

Have you ever had a song arrive in your head that sounds like AC/DC?


Must be just me then…

Thanks to DJ Southwold for some high quality guitar work contrasting with my rather ham fisted approach.

Rock on!

Weekend listening: “Spark”

May 2, 2020

DJ Southwold in top form here. Thanks to him.

#SoundCloud #np

Weekend listening: “Isolated Blues”

April 18, 2020

Art made at home. DJ Southwold has done a great job here.

With best wishes for anyone who may happen to listen.


January 25, 2020

“oh my God!, screamed Doctor Frankenstein “it lives! It lives!”

Weekend listening: notes on trying to cover Joni Mitchell’s “Last Chance Lost”

November 2, 2019

I was surprised at how easy it was to pick up the tune ( to be fair I did practice a lot). A lovely tune with a lot of complex musical machinery whirring away underneath.

Simon tuned his guitar (here’s the tuning). As soon as he started playing I said “Oh my god! It’s Joni Mitchell!”. For a musician to be able to own a set of notes that instantly tell you who it is, shows character and musicality of a very high order. It’s a sonic landscape that can be the work of one person only.

I thought “we’ll do some Joni Mitchell” and then we’ll do something tougher“. How naive could I be? Joni Mitchell’s music (and this track is just one example) is already tough enough. Even when she’s in love, there’s never a trace of sentimentality. Both these versions bring out the toughness (DJ Southwold’s version sounds like Massive Attack) even if they’re not that close to the chords.

Joni tunings forever!


Weekend listening: “Who Are The Food Police” by @blackslipperband

September 7, 2019

The weekend is here. But the Food Police are never off duty. Hide your pies!

Here’s the remix (drum n bass n chips!)

The Food Police are chomping away on all platforms: Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify You Tube and Soundcloud.

Thanks to Black Slipper whose magnificent work this is. For more Black Slipper go to their website.

“Daylight” featuring DJ Southwold

August 28, 2019

Many thanks to DJ Southwold whose music can be found here.

Hide your pies! They’re coming for you…

August 27, 2019

…on 6th September on all platforms…

food police

Weekend listening featuring @DGMFS

August 17, 2019

My friend Simon Hopkins is a very good guitarist, as can be heard from this rather lovely classical guitar piece:

He’s also plays xylophone!

Every year for the past five years Simon has been gracious enough to make music with me and these sessions are one of the highlights of my year. I’d like to thank him and his partner Sarah for their time, generosity and hospitality.

Simon’s music projects can be found on his blog, and his twitter account. His next gig is on the 31st August!

And finally, you can take the man out of the skronk but you can’t take the skronk out of the man:

Notes on “Wuthering Heights”

July 25, 2019

Rather than a story about undying passionate romantic love Wuthering Heights is a cautionary tale of how people who are abused become abusers.

The same scene plays out again and again. Two people in a room attack each other and then march across the moors to an another room to attack each other again.

Very violent throughout – by the end hitting someone is presented as showing love.

The female characters seems indistinguishable from one another. Confusing names Cathy/Catherine and they all behave the same – veering to and from extremes.

Quite funny in places. But in Lou Reed kind of way – watching someone being hurt is funny because it’s not you. Or humour as way of dealing with the fact that you are being hurt.

The only character who has any real shape is Heathcliffe himself. But rather than the traditional “bad boy” of romantic fiction he’s a completely unsympathetic brutal sociopath driven by a twisted fantasy of revenge: it’s not going to bring her back you know.

Reminded me of William Blake: not making any sense rationally but with a strange power that compelled you to read on.

Unusually structured and roughly put together. Almost a cut up.  The chapters could have been arranged in random order and it would have made exactly the same sense.

Like many “great books” the film, TV and music it has inspired give a very misleading picture of the book itself. Kate Bush’s song is about one tiny moment in the book. If you want a soundtrack Slayer or Swans would be better.

At the end I was feeling disturbed and creeped out. It ends like a horror movie: the undead will rise…