About Nick Reynolds

I work for the BBC.


This blog will abide by the BBC’s Guidelines On Employees Personal Weblogs. Which, as I helped write them, is probably a good idea.

Any opinions expressed on this blog by me are my own and not those of my employer.

Over time this blog has changed from being more about work to more about play (music, books, random words). If you’re looking for more details of what I do at work, please take a look at my Linkedin profile.

6 Responses to “About Nick Reynolds”

  1. kerry Holmes Says:

    Enjoyed your blog on bias in the BBC. Some people seem to talk about the BBC as if it was indeed controlled by devious schemeing oligarchy bent on liberal ideological mind control of the masses. If only it was that simple.
    The BBC is part of the British ideological state apparatus( as described by Louis Althusser) as such it helps to set the agendas and parameters of what ‘we’ view and how ‘we’ understand and interact with and are interpolated by and produce meaning about ‘our’ culture in the widest sense.

    The BBC cannot escape from that role and be some neutral arbiter even it if wanted to.

  2. nickreynoldsatwork Says:

    Nice to have you on the blog Kerry!

  3. […] January 24, 2008 I should start by saying that this post, like everything on this blog, are my personal views and not those of my […]

  4. pbl73 Says:

    Hello Nick. I have enjoyed reading your blog & am particularly interested in the page on R. C. Churchill & his Short History of the Future. I am currently trying to discover a bit more about the author but am finding, as you point out, that biographical information is scant. All I have found so far is from his Sixty Seasons of League Football, which has a bio (& photo) on the back cover. While I am interested in his excursion into SF – I write for a blog called SF Forward – what I hope to be able to do is put together a more complete biography. To that end, I wonder if you would mind scanning/sending any biographical details from A Short History of the Future? Please let me know if you are able to help. With best wishes, Paul.

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