Merry Blogmas 2019!

December 20, 2019

In times of trouble, music is a comfort and a joy…

Band of the year: @WITCHFEVER

Gig of the year: joint tie between the 3 times I saw Witch Fever (photos from 3rd time below)…

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Witch Fever – House of Vans

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…and Peach Club at the Old Blue Last in August

Album of the year: “Cuz I Love You” by @Lizzo. All killer, no filler!

Track of the year:“Dream Cleaver”by Death Valley Girls.

(Yes I know I choose Death Valley Girls every year but put your headphones on, turn this up to max, and you will be transported to the heavens)

This was also the year when I belatedly discovered J Frisco

Grumpy electro pop of the year: the gigantic clash between Exit Strategy and Black Slipper!

Improvised jazz ballad of the year (Thanks as always to my good friend Simon Hopkins):

I heard someone on Radio 1 say “if this year was a car it would have been pulled over”… let’s hope next year it’ll be back on the road and an electric car!

Happy Christmas to all!

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