Very poor service from @BritishGas

December 7, 2016

Partially redacted text of email I have sent this morning to British Gas complaints department:

“I am a British Gas Homecare customer – account number XXXXXXXXXX

this email is to complain about the extremely poor service we have received around a simple job of replacing the transformers in our kitchen ceiling lights.

To summarize:

We have now had 9 (nine) appointments or visits in the past three months from British Gas to try and complete this simple job.

The first appointment was on the 11th of October. (reference XXXXXXXXXX) when the engineer said he couldn’t do the job as he needed more time.

On at least 3 of the subsequent occasions the appointment has been cancelled the previous day at very short notice.

One one occasion I took leave and waited for British Gas only for no one to come and to be told that the job had not been booked in.

My wife has taken leave on at least 2 occasions to be in when the engineer was supposed to call.

We have been told when some of the appointments were cancelled that “this is a two man job” which is why arranging it is so difficult. However on the 17th November one engineer turned up who had not been told what the job was. He was perfectly capable of doing the job on his own but and only managed to do half as he didn’t have enough of the right parts. The reference number for this appointment was  XXXXXXXXXXX.

The final straw occurred on Monday 5th December. I had double checked the previous Friday (2nd December) by ringing your helpline and I was assured by your operator that the job was going ahead, the same engineer as previously had been booked in with the correct part. My wife stayed in but no one came. When she rang up she was told that the job had been booked in but not the engineer, a direct contradiction of what I had been told on the Friday.

We are now considering cancelling our British Gas Home Care Agreement. We have already complained about this matter and have standard letters from you dated 15th and 16th November.

This has caused us considerable disruption and stress…. I am now asking for you to compensate us financially for our inconvenience. We have already received a small amount from you but I am expecting a more significant amount of money as the job is still not completed and we will now have to pay someone else to do it.

I can be contacted on this email address or on XXXXXXXXXXXXXX”


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