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July 2, 2016

So last Sunday I had the great privilege of being a steward at the Antiques Roadshow, which happened in the grounds of the place where I work: Caversham Park.

It was amazing.

Apart from the opportunity to wear a straw boater (and I can never resist an opportunity to put something daft on my head) I was blown away by the whole thing.


Show Business! It’s in the blood!

It was wonderful to be part of something so well organised, but in a thoroughly relaxed and happy way. No one was left out or was excluded, no one got cross or insulted anyone else, everyone queued politely, it didn’t rain…

After a week when the word “chaos” as applied to the political class, seemed for once like an accurate description rather than hyperbole, I found myself thinking, why can’t politics be like this? Politicians need to get out more…IMG_7868

I got interviewed by Debbie McGee! On BBC Radio Berkshire! I’m on @BBCiPlayer on demand! (from 36′ in)

A truly wonderful day. Surely this is what the BBC was put on earth to do…




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