Boom Logistics: “Fifth”

April 23, 2016

Huge, enveloping tunnels of sound.

Thick wires clanking together.

Guitars? No,  massive engines humming in a monumental power station somewhere on a vast, desolate plain.

“Unfamiliar Sands” is a beach scape with seagulls and flies buzzing. But half way through the picture shifts and dissolves, a seaside postcard melting in front of your ears.

“Thermocline” clinks in and out of phase, cubist perspectives on a Victorian clock.

I should declare an interest. Simon Hopkins, the creator of Boom Logistics, is a good friend, and my clarinet is one of many sound sources for this particular set of  his music. However before the small group of people who have heard me playing the clarinet smile politely and start to back out of the room, let me offer you some reassurance. There’s some nasty looped squawking on “Arkansas and Blake Light Tragedy”:  brutal death improv played by a giant. But apart from that whatever I was doing has been, and I use the word correctly, transformed.

I’ve been listening to Boom Logistics loud in my car. The effect is sometimes scary, and sometimes curiously calming.

Why? I don’t think I can put it into words…

Boom Logistics “Fifth” is now available to download on iTunes. More information can be found on DGMFS.

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