The Girl By The Lake

November 15, 2015

The girl walking around the lake, hands raised high holding her tablet, watching her bright reflection.

Spellbound by the bright shimmer of the screen. Transfixed by her own image.

Dive in the bright lake, lose yourself in the bright world.

You can’t dive in, it’s just a reflection. You’ll bang your head against the glass screen, the mirror will stop you, you’ll hurt your head.

It pushes you away, you can’t go in.

You can’t dive in the real lake either, there’s a fence. A high fence around the lake.

Only in movies do people smash through mirrors. It’s an expensive trick.

Only in moves do cars smash through shop windows. In the real world, have you ever seen a car smash through a window? No one has. More people have seen a car smash through a window in a Hollywood movie, shattering it into a thousand pieces, than have ever seen a shop window shatter in real life.

He heard a loud bang. He turned to see the car rolling towards him, the windscreen shattered but intact. No crash, just a bang.

Breaking glass causes distress, grounding you back in the real world. The glass falls to pieces.

Drop the mirror, drop the screen, the glass shatters.

Half in one world, half in another. Half in the world, half in your head.


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