Weekend Listening: Top 5 plays on @Soundcloud

September 12, 2015

This week one of my pieces of music was played 500 times on Soundcloud.

I know most of these plays may not be human, but nevertheless let’s celebrate by counting down my top 5.

The top 5! You want them! I’ve got them!

  1. “Always True” by NEM.e.sis – 501 plays 

There’s also a You Tube video:

Prepared with much help from @Skywiresounds.

2. David Bowie’s “Heroes” performed by First Gossom End Monday Cubs (with handbells) – 63 plays

3. “I Scheduled 3 Days of Mixing the Next Door Neighbour Scheduled the Builders” by NEM.e.sis – 39 plays

Based on the original by the very talented Lee Sparey.

4. “Born To Rule” by Exit Strategy – 38 plays

Punk’s not dead! Honest!

Featuring the inestimable bass of Mr Pete Marsh.

You Tube video:

5. “Son of Odin” by NEM.e.sis and DJ Southwold – 30 plays

DJ Southwold is excellent and his Soundcloud account can be found here.

Thanks for listening!


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