Innovation: links

June 23, 2015

I haven’t published anything on my blog for a while.

Why? Well, I’ve been busy, looking for a new job.

And I’m pleased to say I’ve found one: a fantastic new job at BBC Monitoring.

At BBC Monitoring, among other things I’ll be doing “innovation”.

But what does “innovation” mean?

There seem to be as many definitions as people doing innovation.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be defined. You know it when you see it:

Here are some recent examples of “innovation” that I like.

A blind woman is able to feel an ultrasound scan of her baby thanks to 3D printing.

“The Future of Wind Turbines? No Blades” from Wired. So people who think windfarms are an eyesore have less to complain about.

Andiamo, a start up I met through the Angel Academe programme where I am a mentor. They are using 3D scanning and printing to create better orthodontics (back braces, leg braces etc) for disabled children.

All of these are not just clever, they also all have the potential to change lives for the better.

And here ‘s a good basic guide to the subject: “Ten Types of Innovation” from DOBLIN

I think my approach will be “constructive innovation”, or perhaps “innovation in a sensible shirt”…

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