Homeland Series 3 Episode 1: Terminate with Extreme Prejudice

October 9, 2013

Like many US drama series Homeland was quite interesting when it started but soon degenerated into a flurry of over complex plot twists designed to hook audiences (and generate enough episodes to get that all important box set and syndication rights) at the expense of character development and plausibility.

Series 3 started on C4 on Sunday and things haven’t changed much.

Saul is still mooching around with the weight of the world on his shoulders. He’s “a good man doing bad things”. He’s an irritating cliche.

Carrie’s off her meds! Again! This means she’s having sex with strangers on staircases (this is something people often do in TV dramas but only ever do once in real life as it’s rather uncomfortable) and mooching around with her bottom lip hanging out like a miserable version of the Happy Eater sign.


Brody’s daugher, by far the most interesting and well acted character, is about to do something she shouldn’t. After all, she is her father’s daughter.

Who cares?! Not me!

Homeland is out of date. It’s a post 9/11 drama trying to work through the horrific events of that date. But the story in 2013 is how some Silicon Valley neo cons got together with the US and UK governments to spy on citizens’ emails (mind you since the US doesn’t seem to want to have a functioning government, perhaps I should relax about their ability to do much with my geolocation data). I’d like to see a TV Drama about that. With some attractive actors pretending to be software developers and doing dangerous and exciting things. Like “Sons of Anarchy” with code. Something like this.

Here’s an alternative ending for Homeland. Midway through series two the CIA finally realises the obvious threat posed by Carrie and Brody and they are quickly and cleanly assassinated. This prevents the bomb attack on Langley. The series ends with a swarthy terrorist taking explosives out of Brody’s car. This would be consistent with the series conservative, pro US message without the liberal handwringing.


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