Something useful: “Ready to Switch” collective energy switching scheme

April 29, 2013

Sometimes I ask myself:

“It’s all very well this internet digital thingy but it is actually useful?”

We are now making our own entertainment on any device we choose, but there’s still the grind of being hassled by call centres and paying the bills. And all digital seems to have done in this area is allowed companies to sack employees and force the customer to do the work instead.

So here’s something actually useful for a change.

I recently signed up to “Ready to switch”.

It’s a “collective switching scheme” run by a group of councils. More details here. And here.

Since I was bored with losing my temper with my energy provider every time they put up my direct debit without asking me, I thought I would give it a go.

All I had to do was:

Fill in a form online. One of the easiest forms I’ve ever had to fill in.

Read a few emails.

Access my new account with Scottish Power.

Provide a meter reading.

No phone calls, no salespeople, no complexity, all very easy.

The result is a 30% reduction in my monthly payment. This happy state of affairs may not last forever, but the point is the whole process was done online and by email and for once was simple, easy and stress free.

If only all digital transactions were like this!


2 Responses to “Something useful: “Ready to Switch” collective energy switching scheme”

  1. shaheena82 Says:

    It’s great that you decided to do something about it, most people don’t do anything constructive and just pay their bills even when times are hard and a 30% reduction makes a big difference. Here’s a great infographic that show you other ways to cut down on utility costs and conserve energy –

  2. nickreynoldsatwork Says:

    Thanks for this. The point is that doing this was very, very simple and easy…(so far anyway)

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