Cake at Work

February 28, 2013
Blueberry and lemon curd?!

Blueberry and lemon curd?! Alpha cake!

Don’t get me wrong.

I like cake. I like it as much as the next man. Or woman.

I like cake at home. I like cake at work.

But it occured to me the other day that my workplace seems to be awash with cake, biscuits and sweets of all kinds. More than any time in my working life I’m surrounded with sweet tweets.

Is this because of the country’s recent obsession with baking?

Is it because open plan working and hot desking make the workplace less enjoyable so you have to have sugar to get by?

Do “clear desk” policies make the workplace more sterile and less personal so some cake gives it back a human flavour?

Is offering cake as a gift a way of influencing colleagues (er… yes!)?

Or am I over thinking this?

Maybe the best thing to do is tuck into another slice…


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