Merry Blogmas!

December 21, 2012


The small number of people reading this will know that in some ways I’ve had a difficult year.

These days some prefer the word “challenging” instead of “difficult” and “challenges” instead of “problems”. This irritates me. This kind of language seems to come out of an unfortunate “will to power” mentality that permeates the zietgiest.

Still as one of the many good things about the year was my 13 year old daughter completely demolishing Nietzsche in two sentences in her school essay about God, there is always hope for the future.

So if you helped me during my difficulties in 2012 (and if you’re reading this you probably did) I’d like to thank you.

And wish you and all your dependants a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and delightful New Year.


8 Responses to “Merry Blogmas!”

  1. Here’s hoping 2013 is less problematic … thanks for introducing me to ‘We’ this year.

  2. nickreynoldsatwork Says:

    Thanks Alan for your good wishes. Best to you and yours.

  3. Lovely post Nick. Hope your 2013 is much less difficult and we will see you soon no doubt.

  4. Thanks for your good wishes. Hope to see both of you soon. I have a good feeling about 2013 already!
    Let’s jazz rock!

  5. Phil B Says:

    The same to you and yours Nick – Happy New Year and I hope it is a good one.

  6. nickreynoldsatwork Says:

    Thanks Phil.

  7. […] back on the past ones, I always seem to comment on the turbulence or trickiness of the past year. It’s boring to […]

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