Unfollowing people on Twitter

October 21, 2012

I am getting on.

I remember a time before social media.

The other day I thought to myself:

“I seem to be more aware of marketing messages, adverts and hype than ever before. Is this because I am spending more of my time on social media?”

I pondered for a bit and then decided “yes”.

When I first got involved in social and blogging it seemed wilder and fresher, and a source of new ideas.. Now perhaps inenvitably it seems dominated by people sending me marketing messages and spam, trying to sell me things I don’t need, or misuing the word “narrative”.

As well as people earning a living out of messaging people rather than actually talking to them, even people who think they are just chatting are now inadvertently buying into these messages without even knowing it.

Or even telling me things I already know and which I have made up my mind about.

So I went through the accounts I follow on twitter and removed those which were purely marketing something, and removed all the people who work in communications and marketing (even if they call it “social”).

I also applied what I called “the James Bond test”. Even if I like you as a human being, are you likely to tweet me something boring about James Bond? If you are I’m not following you.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Bond as much as the next fifty something hetrosexual man. There’s something comforting about the fantasy that somewhere out there in the darkness there’s a virile killing machine roaming around.

But I know what I think about Bond. In all aspects. My mind is closed. I don’t want any more, thank you.

So if I unfollowed you on twitter last week, it isn’t because I don’t like you. Indeed am still following many people who I dislike and violently disagree with. As well as some who may just tell me things I don’t already know.

If you want a chat, I’ll buy you coffee instead.


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