Copyright “not dead” shock!

April 12, 2011

Today there seemed to be a strange theme in the things I noticed.

1. From Media Guardian

The sudden removal from the BBC4 schedule last week of a new dramatisation of John Braine’s novel Room at the Top, following a dispute over whether the broadcast rights had been secured, is an example of the worst luck a production can have… It will now be for lawyers to establish whether the external claim to Room at the Top has any validity and if transmission can take place.

2. From New Media Age: “It’s the lawyers who’ll decide if tablets are mobile devices”

One broadcaster with mobile rights to one of the world’s top sporting attractions informed me of the internal debates over whether this qualified it to bundle this content with its initial iPad app launch. While the commercial and creative teams were eager to include the content, the legal team argued that doing so would violate its negotiated broadcasting rights, and eventually won out.

3. Even this story has a little paragraph buried away inside it:

Tasini complained that “Huffington bloggers have essentially been turned into modern day slaves on Arianna Huffington’s plantation” and said he was bringing the action because “people who create content … have to be compensated” for their efforts… Last month, when visiting London, Huffington defended her policy further. She said “there’s got to be a distinction between everybody who works for a media company and everybody who blogs for a media company”, and noted that all media organisations depended on unpaid contributions. “If people go on Newsnight, they don’t get paid,” she added.

Which is sort of half right. If you’re an MP and go on Newsnight you might get a “limited and realistic disturbance fee and/or any reimbursement for genuine expenses.”

I have a funny feeling I’ll be writing more posts on this subject…


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