Don’t Mess With Guido! #2

September 11, 2010

There’s a fascinating interview with Guido Fawkes (aka Paul Staines) in this week’s edition of Radio 4’s Media Show.

He doesn’t wilt under some gentle but tough questions from Steve Hewlett. He’s right that being accused by Rod Liddle of being “extreme right wing” seems a tadge ironic. He’s right that all information is interesting to someone, whether its horoscopes or the detailed political gossip he trades in (and which I should confess I rarely read) – the internet has just made it easier to do.

What’s the difference anyway between political gossip and gossip about celebrities? We seem to be as obsessed with the details of the Prime Minister’s private life as we are with who has slept with who in Big Brother (people are interested in people).

You may not like what he does. You may think its morally wrong. But he is clearly a journalist, in both the modern and original sense of the word. His description of what he does sounds like journalism to me. He’s just a 21st century journalist, highly skilled in using mainstream media and the internet.

The programme is still available and will be until Wednesday.


2 Responses to “Don’t Mess With Guido! #2”

  1. I’d venture that maybe Guido’s journalism is enabled by modern day technology but in some instances rooted in an ethos from yesteryear. I’d also challenge you on the assertion that we remain obsessed about political gossip as we do with Big Brother. The reality TV programme end signals a subtle change of direction, in my opinion. There is nothing quite so boring as hearing about people’s sex lives. Those of politicians even more so.

  2. nickreynoldsatwork Says:

    We will have to agree to differ! Distasteful yes, repulsive possibly, but boring, never.

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