Tell No One Beethoven Social Media Guidelines Economist

July 7, 2010

1. The rather good and smartly directed French film “Tell No One” is available until Saturday on BBC iPlayer.

2. The Proms Archive is in Beta. This list of Beethoven performances going back to 1895 inspires awe.

3. A gigantic list of different organisations social media policies for employees?! Bring it on!

4. Good supportive piece from the Economist about The BBC:

Go to any breaking news event, from riots in Iran to a combat zone in Afghanistan, and you will find the BBC, trying to get the story right. There is a cultural overlap with the British military: the same calm no-nonsense professionalism, just getting on with the job. They take accuracy and fairness seriously. They have some rogue presenters who over-egg some of their stuff, but their sins are marginal compared to the outright lies I have watched commercial reporters peddle. I remember watching a TV reporter intoning to a camera that he was on the front lines in Afghanistan when he was actually in the gardens of the house where the press pack was staying, about 10 miles from the front lines, and he was not from the BBC. I have worked alongside reporters who would invent interviews that had never happened, or plagiarise quotes from articles written months earlier: they were not from the BBC.


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