Reasons Not To Top-Slice #28

July 31, 2009

From a thread advocating top-slicing on Conservative Home, this comment by The Bishop Swine:

“I agree, the last thing we need is for the BBC to end up like the old ITV companies. Churning out endless soap operas in a desperate attempt to keep the money flowing in.

If we start messing with the funding of this great national institution we will inevitable have to allow advertising to make up the short fall. I have a large collection of VHS videos and DVD’s (into the thousands) it is notable that more than half of these have the BBC label attached.

I feel that we are in danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and all because we feel that the BBC has a left wing slant. Rather than destroying the financial independence of the BBC we would be better off insisting that they return to fair unbiased reporting.

2% may sound like a small figure but it would be 2% of a licence fee I currently pay gladly being diverted to a commercial operation.”

And from Resident Leftie:

Once you start slicing up the license fee, that’s the beginning of the end of the BBC. I know many of you would like to see that, but the BBC is a unique contributor and ambassador for Britain around the world, as well as an amazing technological innovator.


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