Reasons Not To Top-Slice #24: Licence Fee Thread on MacRumours Forums

July 26, 2009

Includes a couple of little gems:

Post 51:

God knows there are problems, but the BBC is really special, Brits. You don’t know what you have over here

and #70:

Perhaps you’re approaching this in the wrong way. Clearly there is a you-shaped gap in the BBC’s staggering array of original programming. Why not identify what it is the BBC doesn’t offer you and send them a suggestion? They have to listen. Honestly, I would be interested in the answer, too. You mentioned Battlestar Galactica vs. Doctor Who, but you don’t like Spooks? What about the new Torchwood?

And #61:

…I don’t think any top-slicing should occur. Also the argument that the BBC should lower the fee until they operate on the level of ITV etc is absurd too for many reasons. What I do like, is that BBC sharing their developments, for example their sharing the BBC iPlayer technology with ITV.



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