Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

January 26, 2009

In what you might call my adventures in social media up until recently I’ve been a messenger.

I’ve been going around saying to important people “you really should use social media to do your work”.

This is not the easiest thing to try and sell to important people.

Sometimes the response I’ve had has been:

“I really support the openness agenda… but I couldn’t possibly blog”.

But now I’m in an interesting position.

I now have a small (and I do mean small) bit of the BBC’s social media editorial offer that I have some responsibility for. As well as being a messenger I also have the ability to make some decisions, to actually do something.

So I’m using social media to think and talk about things that might be done.

In other words I’m trying to talk to the community at the Points of View message board about how the boards might change.

The results have been mixed. We seem to have got off on the wrong foot and too often the conversation seems to have honed in on my behaviour rather than what you might call “the substantive issues”.  I’ve been accused of telling “blatant lies” a couple of times.

But it has been really interesting and I’ve learned a lot about message boards and how people behave.

And my mind has been changed.

It’s an experiment in openness. It’s true that BBC meetings sometimes have their minutes published. But I don’t think ever quite like this.

One thing I want to make sure is that if (and I do mean if) changes are made to the POV boards I don’t want people there to say “we didn’t know what you were doing”.


20 Responses to “Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

  1. john Says:

    mr reynolds…the shambles you have made with this is a legacy of turning many bbc loyalists against the organisation..and when the licsence fee comes up for debate you will have contributed to many people saying scrap it..if it supports the arrogance you show.
    i appreciate you struggle with critisism and are more used to bullying and censorship to get your way..and yes you have got your way..but what a cost and what a mess

  2. nickreynoldsatwork Says:

    Well John I obviously disagree.

    I don’t think I have used censorship, or been a bully.

    Rather, a few people who disagree with the decisions that have been made have attempted to throw stuff at me, and have broken the BBC’s House Rules.

    While I don’t think it’s been perfect, I have tried, as far as possible, to be open as possible.

    Although it has made me understand why other people don’t want to be open, as it seems to lead to people throwing stuff at you for no good reason.

  3. john Says:

    nick at the heart is the fact that you have been completely illogical in what you have done to the pov messageboards..and the bbc have form..606/fans forum..so i think that is why many of us think you have frequently lied about your intentions..(i was going to say economical with the truth..but hey we are all grown ups)and the masjority of pov board users have either left or are appalled at the shambles you have made it…but you just keep on with the same arrogant obtuse responses..which you know gets posters backs up…but some people get a buzz out of annoying others…
    the illogical aspects are linking the messageboards to a 15 minute tv show..which aint on just now..
    stopping radio comments on the pov messageboard..
    allowing an independent company to take the flak for some of the most ludicrious moderation in the messageboard universe..fanny craddock anyone..??
    etc etc..but your bluprint is the same as has been done before..but hey keep trying to sell yourself to the important people at the bbc you frequently mention ..
    and thanks for responding…one last point..if it isnt perfect.then try anfd make it better..dont damage it and wash your hands of it..come on the messageboards..keep ytour defences down and joinin the fun (although you have a bit of work to do to make it fun again.)

  4. nickreynoldsatwork Says:

    There’s nothing illogical about trying to make the Points of View message boards about the same topics as the Points of View programme. There’s nothing illogical about saying that as Points of View the programme doesn’t discuss radio then the boards shouldn’t either.

    In fact it’s entirely logical.

  5. john Says:

    and there we have it nick..your mind is so closed you cant see what almost every poster on pov says is wrong, illjudged and illogical (and stupid)..you are right and we a\are all wrong..no compromise..no sense of the fact that the weight of opinion shows you are wqrong..but that just takes me back to my first post..but hey according to you im wrong..
    The BBC
    Share your thoughts with other users on any aspect of the BBC’s standards, policies, history, and future.
    (except for radio)
    and there was a messageboard for radio..you closed it..but its hard to see out of those small windows in those ivory towers..but believe me the peasents are revolting !!

  6. nickreynoldsatwork Says:

    I do know that some people on the boards object to the decisions that have been made. I have explained the reasons for those decisions many times.

    “standards, policies, history and future” does not include radio.

    People might think that’s wrong, but you said it was “illogical”.

    I hate to sound like Mr Spock but it is illogical to have a place to discuss radio which has the same name as a television programme which discusses BBC Television and not radio.

  7. john Says:

    so nick your saying that the boards were illogical and you have cured them…and what you seem to be saying is that you dont care that they are worse..with less posters and unhappiness with those who are left..as long as you can say its logical…sad rationale..
    and not allowing posts critical of the changes on the messageboards or your blogs might mean you can tell the important people no one is complaining anymore..but you have ruined a major part of the relationship between the bbc and its customers.

  8. john Says:

    and here is a post on the pov messageboards this morning which sums it up
    “Popped in again for a quick look around in the vain hope things might be looking up. It’s worse than it was last week! Fewer and fewer threads, fewer and fewer posters is this the Bermuda triangle of TV message boards? Soon there will be no one left. Sigh’s nostalgically for the days of enthusiastic debate and cameraderie that once epitomised this board. “

  9. john Says:

    nick this has been your response for the last 6 months…
    “I do know that some people on the boards object to the decisions that have been made. I have explained the reasons for those decisions many times.”
    it would be helpful if you could one last time..just for me..explain those reasons…
    the boards had hosts..the boards had a radio messageboard..there has always been a pov programme seperate from the pov messageboards..so i cant really get why you made your changes ..other than to run down and destroy the boards..which to be fair has been the outcome…
    so why did you do it ?

  10. nickreynoldsatwork Says:

    I have deleted John’s last comment.

    I’m not going to allow personal abuse of me or anyone else on my personal blog.

    If people are interested in this they should follow the links in my previous comment.

  11. john Says:

    nick on your blog you ask for ideas..starting with a blank piece of paper..a poster said

    “””I would at the very least set up separate and dedicated General TV and Radio Messageboards, as these are the BBC core products. And I would encourage BBC programme makers to frequent these boards, start threads, promote the boards, and engage with users. ”

    you dont appear to have responded to this idea..will you be taking the time to do so….????

  12. nickreynoldsatwork Says:

    I probably won’t be responding specifically to this comment. We already have boards which are similar to this.

    See this blog post:


  13. john Says:

    so nick you ask for ideas..someone takes the time to respond with probably the best idea on the whole thread and you are just going to ignore it ???
    and as for your link it makes no sense at all…the bbc had a radio board and a tv board…you have deleted the radio board..so im afraid you dont haveboards which are similar..you did have but you ruined them…

    but its good to know you dont care…

  14. nickreynoldsatwork Says:

    As I’ve said before I appreciate that closing the radio board of Points of View has inconvenienced some people.

    There are BBC blogs where people can talk about BBC radio (Radio 3 and Radio 4). And I know that there will be more opportunities for people to talk about the BBC’s radio stations very soon. So I’d ask (again, as I have already) for people to have just a little more patience.

  15. john Says:

    credit where credit is due..your last post is a fair response…except blogs are not messageboards..and its a bit of a tease to suggest a new avenue to discuss radio will be available very soon…but i bet you its not a messageboard….also i would be interested where you have said to posters to be patient..because honestly most of your posts seem designed to wind people up…will you be too late to pull the pov messageboard back from the abyss ?? sadly you seem more likely to push than pull

  16. john Says:

    reynolds..have you got the balls to come on here and explain why niclara has been banned from pov..your just a message boy now so come on you dont owe the bbc nothing

  17. nickreynoldsatwork Says:

    I’m afraid I can’t discuss individual banning or moderation decisions.

  18. nickreynoldsatwork Says:

    Especially as this is my personal blog.

  19. john Says:

    you almost sound as though you have a cunning plan

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