BBC iPlayer Day Thoughts

December 13, 2008

A quick brain dump the afternoon after iPlayer day.


1. Excellent contributions from some senior executives. Candid revelations from Ian Hunter, Tony Ageh (got him on the blog at last!) and a very good video from Anthony Rose (one of the highlights of the day).

2. Good content from others – especially Jon Jacobs thoroughly entertaining video (another highlight). And Rory Cellan Jones.

3. Community activity on flickr and twitter good with some sense of BBC people joining the community (but see negatives below).

4. Another tiny step towards the BBC being more open – with a couple of people who had never been on the blog before joining – possible contacts to develop later.

5. Seemed to create a good feeling among the iPlayer team and others in FM&T’s extended family.

6. A good feeling around how far the conversation around FM&T has changed in 12 months. This time last year the tone was very hostile, yesterday there were very few dissenting voices (perhaps there should have been more) and the message coming back seemed to be “we love you!”


1. I should have remembered one of Nick Reynolds’ golden rules (“don’t do video, you don’t understand it and it always goes wrong“). Still we sorted it in the end and the content in the videos was very good. We’ll do it better next time.

2. Probably too much content. You shouldn’t really use a blog to pump this much stuff at people. Better planning might have resulted in a slightly trimmed down offer. There’s still some stuff left over!

3. Too much content, not enough links.

4. Because of 1 and 2 I didn’t have a strong enough sense of what the community was saying and didn’t have enough time to follow up on any questions being asked.

5. Probably not enough hard technical detail to satisfy some of the Internet blog’s tecchie followers. Not enough research and other stuff being shared (although Ashley’s pictures were great).

6. Could have done more around what was actually happening on the ground on the day.

What did you think of iPlayer day?

2 Responses to “BBC iPlayer Day Thoughts”

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