“Corporate Blogging: How To Be Open”

September 9, 2008

Martin Belam asked me to write this article for the online magazine FUMSI. So I did.

Here’s a link.

And an extract:

I don’t want to be forced to reveal my salary details to any Tom, Dick or Harriet. And if Jonathan Ross doesn’t want to either, then that’s fair enough by me.

But I do want the BBC to be more open. There are lots of things we could be open about, yet we seem to waste a lot of energy trying to keep them secret. Mark Thompson has said he wants the BBC to be more open, although as Director General he may find his job becomes more difficult when it actually happens.


2 Responses to ““Corporate Blogging: How To Be Open””

  1. Very interesting. I find that people have strange ideas about being open. So “let’s consider discussing this new project in public”, can be heard as, “let’s tell the world all our secrets”.

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