Sabotage Social Media Orange Order

July 14, 2008

The Fat Controller has come across some old US government tips on sabotaging organisations. Alarmingly some of these techniques also seem to be the way that “leaders” regularly behave.

I don’t get enough time to read Steve Rubell’s blog. So I sat down when the trains were all over the place at Watford Junction last week and his blog led me to this. Sensible advice from Steve on how to use social media.

The BBC iPlayer and the Orange order? I like this, and this.

One Response to “Sabotage Social Media Orange Order”

  1. I’d noticed already that the iPlayer image was fun! Probably one of those coincidences that couldn’t help but happen.

    Must be one of the hardest shows to direct … Oh, look another flute band! Followed by … another one! At the least they only needed to cover an hour out of the two and a half hours it took for the Belfast folk to file past us.

    But a fascinating event to go along to watch and try to understand as an outsider.

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