OFCOM PSB Review 6: “Back To Start”

June 19, 2008

It’s been one of those days. But I still cling to the belief that no problem can’t be sorted by blogging so I’ll blog on.

Today is the deadline for responses to OFCOM’s PSB review. I did mine yesterday I confess in a bit of a rush (sorry for the spelling mistakes Ed!). My previous posts on this subject are gathered together here.

And this is the bit from my response where I choose from one of OFCOM’s models/options:

“None of the options are particularly appealing, but if forced I would opt for Option 1 with the following extras:

a) change the remits of the existing PSBs so they can deliver them across all their digital channels and platforms

b)tax breaks/incentives for childrens programmes and for services that deliver them (e,g, broadband portals not just TV channels)

c) Public money put into building out the broadband network particularly in major cities in the regions (far more important than spending public money on content and might help regional news)

d) OFCOM to lead on negotiating a new more relaxed rights framework so that PSB content stuck in archives can be released more easily

e) “Incentivising openness” – OFCOM to find ways of encouraging sharing of techniques and ideas across the sector

f) look again at the public money being spent by government in this area – bring all that money together – could it be spent better?”

I’ll discuss the other models and post my full respnse in another blog post to come.


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