PR Twitter Stalker Trust Customers Parliament

April 22, 2008

Some links:

Rory Cellan Jones is being stalked on Twitter. Or is it just a press officer?

Jeff Jarvis on making your customers part of your business.

Jeff’s opinions coupled with this article from Jemima Kiss at the Guardian about the Financial Times made me think:

“What would happen if the FT put it’s readers (“the Davos set”) at the heart of its business? Could the FT become a broker for a community of global opinion formers? A place where they would make policy? More like a parliament than a newspaper?”

Journalists say you can’t trust PR people. So why would someone untrustworthy write this?



One Response to “PR Twitter Stalker Trust Customers Parliament”

  1. Andrew Bruce Smith Says:

    I am not a stalker – I am am, er, a free man. 😉

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