Twittering: “A Man With A Hammer Is Chasing Me!”

March 18, 2008

I went to Cardiff School of Journalism yesterday to talk to some post grad students about the Internet Blog (thanks to Emma Gilliam).

It was more like an extended brain dump/therapy session for me than a proper presentation so I hope they found it useful.

One of my current lines is “There’s no problem that cannot be solved by blogging”.

We discussed a few problems and how blogging could solve them (“My wife’s left me“, “I’ve got cancer” said someone – immediately someone else said “there are lots of blogs about that”).

Another possible problem was “a man is attacking me with a hammer”.

I said “don’t blog it, run, get out your mobile phone and twitter it. All your followers will know you are under attack.”

But what if he’s on twitter too? he will either give up because he knows he’s being twittered or will run faster to try and catch you up.

Possibly easier to shout “help!” and call the police…


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