Five Albums To Hear Before You Live

November 22, 2007

1. Three Door Hatch: “Affinity Programme”

Obscene satanic improv from Osaka’s finest. A police investigation continues.

2. The Paranoids: “Sneer Sneet”

The compositions that invented music as we know it, including three new scales.

3. Adrienne Goldmine: “Field Recordings”

Adrienne’s distorted electric banjo and deep, dark voice are ground breaking and provocative. Who would have thought such a high class gal could get so low down?

4. Rock Men: “The Rockin’ Ain’t Stoppin'”

The Men’s idiotic metal gets a quick spit and polish, making it almost (but not quite) palatable.

5. Perry Comotose: “Still In One Piece”

The alcoholic crooner gargles his way through a self penned, self pitying set, with severe delusions of adequacy.

(list provoked by the Guardian’s lazy, poorly edited and depressing “1000 Albums to Hear Before You Die”)


One Response to “Five Albums To Hear Before You Live”

  1. Jem Stone Says:

    I liked the Guardian’s top 1000. for 2 reasons. For Certain Because by The Hollies and Born to be with you – Dion. both in it because they are mighty fine epics. The 2 most under rated albums of all time. Oh and CD 86 made it too. i have every single released on sarah records you know.

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